Why Metal Frame?

If you need a really wide clear span building, metal fram is the way to go. With wide buildings there is a greater load on your trusses. Steel framing can be engineered to span really wide areas for less money than post frame.


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First things first...

You need to decide whether you want post frame(wood) or metal frame.

So whats the difference beside the obvious.

​Depending on what your priorities are will depend on what kind of framing you need. With buildings with a large clear span(typically greater than 50ft), metal frame is the way to go. For buildings 50ft or less, wood post frame is probably the better way to go.

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Why Post Frame?

​With wooden post frame construction it is easier and much less expensive if you have a special design. You can have steeper roof pitches and overhangs for less money.

Post frame construction is more energy effecient. It is easier to insulate and you do not suffer from thermal bridging  as you would with a metal frame building.

Lumber costs  A LOT LESS money than metal. This means a savings for you!!!






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